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Yoga Studio Marketing

Bikram Yoga Folsom

People doing yoga as part of a yoga studio marketing shoot

Creating a Yoga Studio Website

Yoga studio marketing begins at your website.  Our concept was to create a clean aesthetic highlighting the benefits of this beginning yoga sequence, the personality, and the openness of Bikram Yoga Folsom.

We had three goals for the website: showcasing the professionalism of the studio, creating a functional space for potential and existing clients to research the studio, purchase memberships and register for classes, and to ensure the SEO put Bikram Yoga Folsom at the top of Google. 

SEO Optimizations for Yoga Studios

Ranking on the first page of google is the most important goal for us at Lifted Peaks.  Google’s market share for internet searches is around 90%, meaning nearly 4 billion people use google with an estimated 3.8 million searches per minute!

This is why we immediately integrate your site with the Google platform to monitor website traffic, acquisition sources, and submit your website’s sitemap to ensure rapid indexing and keyword rankings.

In the case of Bikram Yoga Folsom, we were able to get them into the first position for many of their highest value keywords, outshining local competitors.

Content Creation

Yoga studio marketing would be empty without amazing content.  From simple photography for social media and the website, to full blown video ads and even YouTube content, Lifted Peaks has created content for nearly every channel available for Bikram Yoga Folsom.  

During the pandemic, we created a video campaign showing existing and prospective members what to expect from the studio in protecting their health.  For those who were hesitant to join an in-person class, we created a YouTube video series outlining each posture of the Bikram Series and used this content to keep people engaged through email campaigns and retain memberships in virtual classes.

We understand that content is what keeps your studio relevant and engaging.  That’s why we work hard to offer content creation packages that keep you top of mind, looking good, and keep your members engaged with YOU.

Overview of our Yoga Studio Marketing

Website hosting.

Membership Software integration.

Simple theme for ongoing maintenance.

Performance optimizations.


Our goal was to put Bikram Yoga Folsom at the top of google.  We nailed it.

Knowing that the yoga studio depends heavily on local search results, we began focusing on ranking for local keywords and optimizing all business listings to increase local SEO.

Bikram Yoga Folsom now ranks in the first position for over 10 high value, local keywords.

Photography for cohesive website aesthetic.

Photoshoots for Social Media Channels.

Multiple videos for ads, website, YouTube, and other social channels.

Copywriting for website, ads, social, blog articles.


We have run numerous ad campaigns with different goals in mind:

  • Brand Awareness – we have used reatargeting ads to keep Bikram Yoga Folsom top of mind for people who had previous engagements with the business.
  • Lead Generation – over the course of our relationship, we have built an emailing list of over 5,000 people.
  • Conversion Campaigns – We have created multiple ads generating thousands of dollars of revenue for the yoga studio.

Utilizing the list of over 5,000 people we have created during our efforts, we have created email campaign reaching as high as 70% open rates and 14% click through rates.

The indusry average is 35% open rates and 1.14 click through rates.  We have far surpassed these numbers.

We take a data-based approach to email marketing, optimizing lists by audience segmentation based in interests to ensure high engagement and increased revenue.

How Lifted Peaks Helps Market Your Yoga Studio

Show Up

We ensure your website is not only beautiful, but will show up when people search for yoga.

Create Effective Ads

We believe ads are a short term solution to generate revenue for your studio.  We work to keep budgets low and ROI High.

Engage the People Who Matter

We create content that is sure to resonate with people looking to transform their life.


Elevate your Studio


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