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Stock Cannabis Photos

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All the Cannabis Photos You Actually Need.

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Join our community and get access to thousands of stock cannabis photos and brand marketing assets you can use to promote the brands you love.

Our mission is simple.  We link brands and dispensaries while providing marketing teams with fast access to quality content they can use to grow their business.

We know what it is like to be running multiple social accounts, multiple locations, multiple sites, email, text, and SEO marketing all while trying to create content needed to make these efforts mean anything.  That’s why we started Lifted Peaks.  To make the efforts easier, seamless, and much more beautiful.

We partner with local brands you actually sell at your locations to bring you quality content you can access at any time, for any place.  Sending an email about your new deals?  Download the brand assets you need here.


Brand Product Photos

Access HIGH quality photos from brands you want to promote.  Great for dispensary marketing teams looking for great assets to use in other marketing efforts, saving you time while earning you trust.

Dispensary Partners

Access images to help promote the dispensaries that sell your products.  Great for brands looking to promote take-over days, product demos, events, and education days at dispensary locations.

General Cannabis Lifestyle

Find content that can be used for any purpose, without brand names.  Ideal for brands, dispensaries, blog writers, or anyone looking for awesome cannabis content to share across your channels.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo

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