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Social Media Management

Blackwood For Men

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Content Creation

Blackwood For Men is a men’s grooming company geared towards elevating men’s style with a touch of “Natural Class”.  By leveraging the power of their natural botanical ingredients, Blackwood for Men has created products that “Cleanse, Restore, and Protect”.

We have utilized these ethos to create an aesthetic and messaging the resonates with their target audience.  Our primary focus has been increasing engagement and creating content that can be repurposed across different mediums.  This includes product and lifestyle photography that highlights the natural formulas and the feeling of using them.

Social Media Management – Instagram

Over the course of our first month together, we were able to effectively increase the amount of new accounts engaged with the Blackwood for Men brand by 200%.

We did an entire overhaul of their social media.  From creating brand new content to managing their six social media platforms, we have have been able to increase engagement, drive more traffic to their website, and even increase sales directly through the app.

We were able to increase the engagement for Blackwood For Men by analyzing the highest performing content, using audience insights to shape our content creation, and developing a clear roadmap to follow to increase the social media presence and engagement of the brand.

We take an analytical approach to developing strategies that are unique to each individual platform, incorporating trends and staying on top of best practices.

By understanding what others in the industry were doing effectively to engage their audience, we were able to find patterns within our target market and shape these trends to the Blackwood For Men brand in an authentic way.

  • Competitor Engagement
  • Analysis of content by type
  • Strategy identification of competing brands

After developing a clear strategy and understanding what was working well for others in the same verticals, we began creating content that highlighted the brand authentically and incorporated trends and strategies we felt would be effective.  We nailed it and, one month in, saw a nearly 200% increase in engagement.

We include:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Drone Work
  • Copywriting

We have increased the reach of the brand by collaborating with top-tier influencers and micro-influencers alike to increase the awareness of Blackwood For Men across a wide range of audiences while keeping our spending low.

  • Influencer outreach
  • Engagement analysis and projections
  • Budgeting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Remittance of payment
  • Content Creation and Publishing

We oversee the full specrum of the BFM social accounts.  From creating the content, writing the captions, posting, engaging, and responding to comments and DM’s, we have taken the heavy lifting so the rest of the team can focus on expanding the business.

Our Social Media Packages

Content Creation

We design simple content creation packages to handle still photography, video, and even drone footage and photos to make you stand out.

Social Media Management

We will handle everything on your social media channels.  From posting, commenting, engaging accoutns all the way to finding influencers for your brand

Influencer Management

We will connect you to a wide range of influencers that fit your brand.  From professional athletes, to models, to micro-influencers.


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